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Gorgeous, brunette Lady Suzanne knows that you think about giving her the key to your chastity belt all of the time, but you're not brave enough to do it. She wants to own and control you. She wants to be the mistress of your mind, body and soul. She would love nothing more than to be in complete and utter control of your orgasms, so why not let her take over?

Mistress Katja has put your cock into that terrible cage. A horrible device that will disallow any touching! Imagine being forced to stay chaste for as long as a mistress wants - and well, Katja is one of those full-blood dommes. She won't release you until you have done everything she wants and even then she will just give you one minute to get a little satisfaction...

You are Princess Jenny's chastity slave from now on. She has bought a CB 3000 chastity device for you to make it much more easy to control you. From now on you will be more accurate to achieve her wishes because every fault will delay the permission to be released more and more...

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