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All your money belongs to me. You need to head to work everyday and work many hours of overtime. The more money you make the better lifestyle I can afford! You have no choice in this, I dominate your existence. You better not complain because I will punish you. Torture and suffering will be your daily existence if you decide to go against me. I am a cash money girl and have my needs. If you know whats good for you, try and keep me happy.

I know that you little worm would like to jerk of your pathetic stiffy while watching me, don't you? God your such a sicko, I cannot believe it turns you on that I'm humiliating and degrading you, taking all your money and raping your wallet and all you are able to do is getting a hard one... Well then go and finish it up - make it squirt loser boy...

This is part 3 of Mistress Casandra's live instruction set. She will command you what you have to do and how you have to do it to please her. Will you follow all of her instructions to maybe become one of her loyal servants? This is your chance...

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