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In this clip the money princess as a nice meeting. First she makes one of her slaves hand over his wallet to her so she can rape it until its empty, and as reward the silly pathetic slave is made to lick her dirty boots clean and shiny again by using his tongue. Nothing could be more humiliating - what do you think? But isn't it that worth at all?

The moneysisters are having a very luxury and nice holiday time somewhere in an expensive hotel. They are sending you a video message to show you what they both are using your money for and cheer you to earn more money for them so that they can book a holiday after another in every thinkable luxury-hotel on this planet...

I know that you little worm would like to jerk of your pathetic stiffy while watching me, don't you? God your such a sicko, I cannot believe it turns you on that I'm humiliating and degrading you, taking all your money and raping your wallet and all you are able to do is getting a hard one... Well then go and finish it up - make it squirt loser boy...

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