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This mistress knows that her paypig is loaded and she wanted some of his Benjamins. So she teased him because she knew his weaknesses. She brainwashed him with her sexy body and naughty moves and she used him as her credit card. He could not say no to her and she had fun humiliating him financially. The pay slave thought he was having fun with her and did not realize he was being financially dominated.

This sexy and arrogant Mistress is going to take all your money. She first tells you that you are a worthless little worm and that you deserve to lose everything you own! You have to accept the fact that you are just there to spoil Mistresses like her and to spend all of your money in them.

Lady Mistery talks to you one on one. She tells you how pathetic you are - and makes you understand what you are good for: Paying for her luxury. There is no other need for a foot sucker than just pleasing dominant woman with your hard earned money. After you have done a good job, she shows you her soles as reward...

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