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Lady Suzanne has brought you here to teach you a few things. You need to be trained on how to be her money slut. You are lucky that she is willing to teach you. She tempts you by sticking out her tongue and makes you think she wants you. When you try to get near her, she hits you with verbal humiliation and demands that you bring her some cash.

Alright, sit down right there slave. I am going to teach you and train you on how to be a good paypig. I am Leila Divine and I will be your teacher. The way you will learn is by bringing me fistfuls of cash. I will make you my pay bitch. After you have given me a lot of cash as my pay bitch; I might let you be my paypig.

Lady Melissa plans to turn you into a little cuckold - and as little cuckold your duties will be enlarged because being a cuckold also means being a sissy for her. Licking and sucking cocks for her with just one finger snip. This is your first training lesson, "get on your knees and say Ohhhh" - she commands you...

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