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Its payment day and you have to pay the princess! Why? Because she says so! So hand over all your money stupid faggot and get ready to become a heel sucking little bitch. Open up your mouth and eat up her ashes and swallow her spit. You are disgusting!

Mistress Anja teases you with her perfect sexy curves and body. She makes you watch her and she knows what's going through your mind as she moves very slow and erotic. She wants you to become addicted and after you agree to be her slave, and to do anything this glorious mistress wants, she tells you the bitter truth: You will never ever cum!!!

Mistress Lifestyle Diva Maria blackmails you. She knows all the details about you to make you or force you to do anything she wants! In this clip she has taken all of your money and as she asks for more and you tell her that you don't have any cent left over, she gets angry and takes out her cell phone to call your wife! Instantly you take off your expensive Swiss watch and hand it over in desperation...

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