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Ariel is a very attractive woman knows how to use her body to get what she wants. She is going to put on a sexy lingerie outfit, because she is wanting her personal piggy bank to get out his checkbook and give for all of his money. She always gets what she wants, and every one of her slaves is always left broke after they spend the afternoon with her.

Mistress Anja teases you with her perfect sexy curves and body. She makes you watch her and she knows what's going through your mind as she moves very slow and erotic. She wants you to become addicted and after you agree to be her slave, and to do anything this glorious mistress wants, she tells you the bitter truth: You will never ever cum!!!

In this clip you get teased by the Mistress tits. She wears some shiny latex suit and her boobs are looking like they pop out of it. They are really sexy and big and while you are watching those amazing tits and can't help yourself, she has already turned you into one of her servant slaves. She takes all your money and you are willing to hand it over just to be able continue looking on those amazing boobs...

See Lady Anja in her lingerie as she teases you with her sexy body. She knows what a loser you are and makes you really hot. But you are not allowed to do anything else then just worship her sexy ass! That's what she thinks you are good enough for and that's what you have to do. Well, losers can't be choosers.

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