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Herrin Amy's sexual charm is evident to all her paypigs. They are so enamoured by her and they serve her as well as she wants. They give her their credit cards to shop with and take care of her needs

How come your dick is so tiny? What happened to it? This shriveled tiny excuse for a penis is not sufficient to satisfy me. Hope your wallet is bigger than that tiny dick. The cruel Mistress does not stop teasing her slave. He knows feels so bad and has no choice but to obey her every command. The loser knows that this female is too strong for him. He has to worship her and the ground she walks on. If he does not obey he will be very very sorry.

Mistress Anja teases you with her perfect sexy curves and body. She makes you watch her and she knows what's going through your mind as she moves very slow and erotic. She wants you to become addicted and after you agree to be her slave, and to do anything this glorious mistress wants, she tells you the bitter truth: You will never ever cum!!!

Yes you are being abused by me bitch. First of all I will show you what I can do with you - for Example turning you into my personal spit bowl. Or would you rather like to become my ashtray? Maybe the footboy job would be good for you - well, whatever I decide, you will do what I say and bee abused - and it all starts by buying this clip...

Lady Anja sits on her luxury bed with a short skirt and very sexy high heels. She smokes and POV talks to you as her personal ATM slave. She tell you that you are just good enough to pay her as she deserves! You are made to please woman. She spits on you and makes you even become her ashtray

Mistress Lady Mistery tells you what she thinks of you! She tells you that you are a total loser and that you are simply made to serve woman by giving them your money or licking their shoes clean - you like that and you will never like what normal guys do because you are pathetic and disgusting...

Mistress Mistery allowed her slave to visit her at the weekend for cleaning her house! But that wasn't his only duty. She had a lot of fun with him by trampling him and making him sweat for her. She let him worship her awesome feet, turned him into her ashtray and makes him lick her toilet clean. Everything a slave would love to do for this woman...

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