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Mistress Katja thrones on her white leather chair as you are kneeling on the ground in front of her. She suggests a deal to you: You will be allowed to lick all the dirt right off her boot soles and she will than in return rape your wallet. Imagine all the dirt you lick up from her boots and keep in your mouth. Wouldn't you just pay any price to that Mistress?

Mistress Juely teases you with her sexy hot body. She moves erotically in front of the camera and licks with her tongue over her sexy red lips! She has so much fun to tease you like that because she knows how weak you get and when you are turned on very well she makes you send her gifts and your money.

As you again dared to give your Mistress Farina less money than you promised to give her she turned into reality what she always claimed to do. She called your wife while she made you sat on the ground and listen to her. While she spoke she took several photos of you and sent them to her! She also forced you to lick the dirt off her boots and sent this picture to your wife...

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