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Marlena likes to tease her pay bitches whenever she wants to have fun and whenever she wants some money

Suzanne has lots of sex appeal. And whenever she's in the mood to flirt and tease, her paypigs have to empty their wallets because it is irresistible

You brought less than money than I expected. So you will have to be punished. You will lick my boots clean and if you do not bring the money soon, the punishment will be worse

As always, I look sexy. Today I'm wearing nothing but my bra and underwear. The paypigs are getting hot and bothered. They are really enjoying themselves but its not for free. I need something expensive and they will buy it for me

Sexy tattooed Mistress is here to collect her money. You owe her a lot of back "taxes". She is dressed in a nice sexy and revealing outfit. Hoping you don't struggle back too much. This Vixen knows what she wants and she is here to get it. You better make the smart choice of given it to her or there will be hell to pay. Your existence as moneyslave and paypig hereby is confirmed

Mistress Juely teases you with her sexy hot body. She moves erotically in front of the camera and licks with her tongue over her sexy red lips! She has so much fun to tease you like that because she knows how weak you get and when you are turned on very well she makes you send her gifts and your money.

Mistress Casandra laughs about you pay bitch. She tells you how pathetic you are for buying expensive image-sets and video-clips just to see young girls making fun of you! She knows how weak you are and that you would do nearly everything to please her if she commands you to...

Lady Cathy is sitting in front of her computer as you are kneeling on the ground admiring her. She pays no attention to you - because the only thing this gorgeous Miss is interested in is your money or better your credit-card. She tells you what you are going to pay for her and laughs about you as she performs order after order...

First the Princess takes your hard earned cash and your credit card. Then she uses you as her personal ashtray! She commands you to open your mouth to eat the ashes of her cigarette - after that she decides to smother you with her golden string! She sits on your mouth and nose and makes you smell her ass!!! And as you think you just can get away she humiliates you...

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