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When a slave has to pay for his punishment, he is addicted to the mistress and the punishment. She knows how to make him crawl until he feels like cumming. She knows how to torture him with the promise of a quick cum or make him wait until he is ready to explode. The mistress that commands her slave's punishment is the mistress that will dominate and own their slave financially.

Mistress Melissa has just what she wanted: Your monthly earnings. You have worked so hard for that money and now you have given it all to her. She's keeping it in her hands and smiles down to you as she counts it. For being such a good little loser you are allowed to lick her black boots clean.

In this clip you can experience what mistress Mistery does with your hard earned cash. She simply goes to the ATM with your card in her wallet. Then she inserts it, type in your pin and next she starts to lift any cent from your account. She really takes everything until your state will be zero.

Hey you - I saw you staring on my marvelous picture. Do you like the thought of being a sugardaddy? A poor weakling I wrap around my fingers just to spoil and make me rich? Well then buy this clip and let me personally tell you what I want from you, what I deserve and even what I think of you my future sugardaddy!!!

Mistress Lady Mistery walks with you outside in the forest. As her sexy black boots become really dirty, she makes you lick them clean and suck the dirt off her heel After that she lights up a cigarette right in front of you and makes you eat her ashes because you are her living ashtray now...

Mistress Mistery laughs at you. She knows how small you little pathetic penis is - and she wouldn't even call it like that, there are other matching words like "pigtail", "peewee" or something. You are not a real man, you are just good enough to pay and give her everything she wants.

Mistress Lady Mistery wants you to go shopping with her! Of course you are not worthy to receive the honor of going shopping with her in real - so she searches for some nice articles online, and makes you tell her your credit card details. You are just good enough to pay her bills, after that you are ignored like you deserve it.

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