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When she wants to go shopping, she knows her slave will foot the bill. She will take his money out of his wallet and leave him with nothing. After she is finished shopping, she will pull out her own money and tell him how much he spent on her and then dismiss him to make more. He knows that he has to be successful or she will punish him in horrible ways.

When Mistress BlackDiamond walks into a room, she knows what she is doing. She knows that her slaves will do anything tho make her happy. She is happiest when they pull out their credit cards and buys her things. Before they can have any of their pleasure, she pulls up her favorite website and shops, giving him the honor of paying for it. When she has her merchandise, she gives him a few minutes of her time.

Lady Cathy is sitting in front of her computer as you are kneeling on the ground admiring her. She pays no attention to you - because the only thing this gorgeous Miss is interested in is your money or better your credit-card. She tells you what you are going to pay for her and laughs about you as she performs order after order...

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