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I know you love my ass. I don't show it off often and when I do, you have to pay for it. Before I show it any further, send me some money first.

You brought less than money than I expected. So you will have to be punished. You will lick my boots clean and if you do not bring the money soon, the punishment will be worse

Princess Jenny is a gorgeous mistress who uses her looks to get money. There is no need of working hard. All she has to do is look hot and the money slaves will finance all her expenses

Hey you - I saw you staring on my marvelous picture. Do you like the thought of being a sugardaddy? A poor weakling I wrap around my fingers just to spoil and make me rich? Well then buy this clip and let me personally tell you what I want from you, what I deserve and even what I think of you my future sugardaddy!!!

Mistress Lady Mistery tells you what she thinks of you! She tells you that you are a total loser and that you are simply made to serve woman by giving them your money or licking their shoes clean - you like that and you will never like what normal guys do because you are pathetic and disgusting...

Lady Mistery shows us what she uses her slave for. She lets him kneel in front of her, makes him lick her shoes, sits on his face to smother him and whips him over and over again. She tells you what you are for and that you are going to be the next slave sucking on each of her toes as reward for paying and pampering her...

Lady Mistery gives you advice and tells you exactly what you are for her: A little payrobot, just good enough to hand over all your money and, be treated like dirt under her soles. She also orders you to accept your situation and makes you kneel in front of her...

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