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Lady Jenny stand outside near a building as she takes out her cigarette package. She lights up a cigarette as she keeps it stuck between her sexy red lips. Next she soaks the smoke into her lights. Then she breathes the smoke right into your slave face. After she is done smoking the cigarette, she drops it on the ground and makes you eat it up after she crushed it. As reward you may kiss her sexy ass.

Mistress moneyprincess welcomes one of her slaves who has to pay her. As he arrives he is punished and humiliated. First he has to eat her cigarette ashes then he is made to worship and rub her feet. At last he is slapped and marked as idiot and of course he pays his mistress all his money...

Mistress Anja tells you that you are just shit for her. You are not even worth to think about, the only thing you are good for is paying and licking the dirt off her black shiny boots. Give her all you got because she deserves to be worshipped and tributed...

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