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Lady Jenny stand outside near a building as she takes out her cigarette package. She lights up a cigarette as she keeps it stuck between her sexy red lips. Next she soaks the smoke into her lights. Then she breathes the smoke right into your slave face. After she is done smoking the cigarette, she drops it on the ground and makes you eat it up after she crushed it. As reward you may kiss her sexy ass.

Lady Anja sits on her luxury bed with a short skirt and very sexy high heels. She smokes and POV talks to you as her personal ATM slave. She tell you that you are just good enough to pay her as she deserves! You are made to please woman. She spits on you and makes you even become her ashtray

Lady Anja talks to you as her very own and personal slave. She humiliates you right away and abuses you in any thinkable way. She makes you clean her shoes, spits on your face and turns you into her very own living ashtray. After that she tells you how pathetic you are and that you would never please a girl like her...

Lady Anja transforms you into her personal ashtray in this clip! She likes to smoke. And she likes to take your money! And you have no other choice than giving her everything you have...! But don't believe that she will stop now! She will continue to humiliate you. So stop talking and open your mouth wide! Now she can use your mouth as an ashtray - YOU are her human ashtray!

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