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Lady Anja sits on a chair with her marvelous sexy black shiny latex suite on as she gently picks a cigarette, puts it between her sexy red lips and lights it up. She breathes in and out and performs some funny smoke-tricks. It's so relaxing watching her smoke because she looks to sexy and attractive...

Mistress Lady Mistery sits on her chair in front of you as she starts to tell you the rules of being her new slave. First of all you should be kneeling, she says, and second thing is to be naked all the time. Then she continues: All you have got, and all you own is now owned by me, including your ass. Life won't be the same for you anymore...

Mistress Maria sits on a stair while you are kneeling in front of her. She shows you the bottoms of her sexy pumps and talks to you that you should lick them clean. She also slips out of those sexy luxury shoes to show you her perfect bare feet. At last she is really laughing at you pathetic worm who's just into feet and total enslavement.

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