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How come your dick is so tiny? What happened to it? This shriveled tiny excuse for a penis is not sufficient to satisfy me. Hope your wallet is bigger than that tiny dick. The cruel Mistress does not stop teasing her slave. He knows feels so bad and has no choice but to obey her every command. The loser knows that this female is too strong for him. He has to worship her and the ground she walks on. If he does not obey he will be very very sorry.

Mistress Lady Mistery sits on her chair in front of you as she starts to tell you the rules of being her new slave. First of all you should be kneeling, she says, and second thing is to be naked all the time. Then she continues: All you have got, and all you own is now owned by me, including your ass. Life won't be the same for you anymore...

The money princess laughs about you and your tiny penis! "You are so pathetic, how will you ever please a woman with that tiny stiffy in your pants - the only thing you are good for is paying and spoiling me" - all the time she's talking directly to you while sowing you her perfect and sexy body. She wears a very tight spandex and high heels in this clip...

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