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Lady Ayse is a playful mistress. She loves to have fun all the time and it is not easy to find her in a bad mood. This bubbly mistress also loves to make guys do what she wants. She has guys for everything that she wants or she likes. This particular one was for money. He was one of her pay slaves and she was dominating him to make a little cash to use for a vacation.

Lady Anja sits on a chair with her marvelous sexy black shiny latex suite on as she gently picks a cigarette, puts it between her sexy red lips and lights it up. She breathes in and out and performs some funny smoke-tricks. It's so relaxing watching her smoke because she looks to sexy and attractive...

Lady Anja transforms you into her personal ashtray in this clip! She likes to smoke. And she likes to take your money! And you have no other choice than giving her everything you have...! But don't believe that she will stop now! She will continue to humiliate you. So stop talking and open your mouth wide! Now she can use your mouth as an ashtray - YOU are her human ashtray!

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